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Some Double Union stuff on a wiki!


This wiki

to do:

Member IRC

Apart from the mailing list, we also have an IRC channel and that can be a fun place to hang out (virtually) with your fellow DU members remotely throughout the day or night. It's also useful during events as a way to share things with each other. Oh, there are so many things IRC is good for. If you are new to IRC or need a refresher then check out this IRC Tutorial

Wish list

View the Wish list

Donations are accepted for anything listed on the wishlist!


(Link to calendar)


Ongoing or completed Projects.

Let's document our projects! Name your project, make it a page. Link to photos or other interesting stuff. If it's an ongoing project, you may want to add contact info.


Here's an inventory list of some of the equipment and tools we have at Double Union.

Functional areas and working groups

Working groups and other teams or people who share an interest.

They may be responsible for particular functional areas such as electronics, Circuit Hacking, fiber, printmaking, zines, and the workbench and tools.

Or they may be a group doing something more intangible like making feminist cryptocurrency or coding on some other project. In that case the working group may want to ask DU to help it with resources or other support.


A little bit about the history of DU.

Media coverage

Wiki administration

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